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Faliraki 2001


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STEP 1: Purchase a bottle of beer from the Smile Shop opposite Oscars.

STEP 2: Take the bottle over and stand/dance outside.

STEP 3: Wait for the bar owner to arrive and tell you to do one.

STEP 4: Make gesture towards bar owner and wait for security to arrive.

STEP 5: Let enormous security guard lift you up and body slam you into the pavement.

STEP 6: A female bystander will then smash a bottle on the security guard and he will confront her.

STEP 7: The womans boyfriend will tell the security guard to take his best shot. He will do this with little effect on the large Englishman.

STEP 8: The Englishman will proceed to lay out the security guard who will then get up and chase him down the street with a bar stool.

STEP 9: The whole street will leg it after the pair to see what happens, and thus you have caused a riot. Well done!

STEP 10:Get off the street as the police will soon be along with their batons hoping to connect one with your head. Word of advice...the ones in camo gear are immigration police so be especially careful of them, unless you want to go home early.

A note to the potential riot-causer. You should be tucked up in a quiet bar after step 5. That way you won't get caught!

This information was supplied by the Notorious Spanky Carter