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Faliraki 2001
Loads of Pictures


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loads of us

everyone except olly

in the airport


dan raf nick pav snowy

robbo pav steve nick

so does Liam!

the spade workers

cath snowy danny olly nick

heineken always gave Ben an electric shock

smile bar

robbo pav veg

outside tropical

Ben, Nick, Snowy, Liam, Robbo, Veggie, Olly and Raph

veg in his best hat

Pav, Claire, Veg, Chrissy and Raph (he always slys onto to the end of photos)

robbo and raf


liam ogre robbo

Liam, Snowy and Robbo

liam shows of his favourite dance move

Pav and Liam at the Beach Party (nice shirt!!)

nick and his girlfriend with gill and robbo

danny enthusiastically points to bahnstation sign

veg ben snowy

Chrissy had moderate success on his first attempt at spitting into straws

Rules state that the spitter must wear a helmet of stickers, one should have an ashtray on his head and the other should have no hair at all apart from his sidies

Faliraki's new extreme sport

The Tetney Floor-Divers during evening manoeuvres.

robbo liam steve raf

Robbo, Liam, Steve and a smiling Raf.
Get ready to run lads!


Raf was amused at where Liam had put his hand.  Danny, on the other hand, wasn't!

what have we learnt.....