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Faliraki 2001


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Price of Drinks:
Beer: About 2 quid a bottle
Cocktails: About 4 quid but some 2 for 1 offers about
You can get free shots in most bars. If they don't offer them to you then ask.

Cigarettes are pretty cheap. About 2 pounds for 20 if I remember rightly.

Food is fairly inexpensive and if you like kebabs then you're laughing. Theres loads of places for them (especially good one next to the Q Club). Otherwise theres plenty of choice .

Make sure you go to the Beach Party, its the best night out there.

Bars to Visit; Tropical, Jamaica, Champers, Jimmys, Chaplins, Tokyo Joes but theres loads and I can't remember the names of all the good ones.

In terms of clubs, the Q Club was good as its got three rooms but I can't remember if we went to any others?! All the clubs are cheap to get in, only a couple of quid if that. Beware of people trying to sell you Ministry of Sound tickets though. They're quite pricey and its not the real Ministry of Sound.

The place is seriously hot so beware if you're going peak season. It was over 40C on some days!

Police: If they go down Bar Street then get off it and into a bar otherwise they might just crack you round the head! They are fairly intolerant but if you don't piss them off then you'll be fine.

Anyone want any more info or if you want to correct what we have written, then e-mail us or sign the guestbook.

This information was correct at the time we tried to remember it