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Faliraki 2001
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What have we been up to.....

Last Updated: 05.07.2003
Fat Pie is in Oz on a mission of love
Liam is living a life of sin
Olly is living with his bird and is virtual recluse
Snowy has bought a house and is rarely seen
Robbo is still boring
Pav is still Pav
Veg is getting pissed on his own
Bingo is in Switzerland
Nick is having problems with his bowels
Raph is loaded
Snowy has bought a house after he and Liam made a hasty exit from a house they were renting.  Liam is now in a gay relationship with his new friend Carl.
Fat Pie is off to Australia chasing the woman of his dreams, providing he gets there before the surfers do!
Olly is shacked up with his missus and is a virtual recluse.
Bingo has just flown out to Switzerland where he going to work for a while.
Nick is living with his bird and doeswhatever she tells him to.  As long as he can play on his computer though, he's fairly happy.
Veggie is turning queer.  He keeps getting drunk and trying to pull his mates.  Otherwise he's normally propping up a bar somewhere on his own.
Robbo spends most of his time with his girlfriend, except for Saturdays and Sundays which are for football.  He is also breaking certain rules which should not be broken such as going shopping instead of playing football.  Shame on him!
Pav is rarely seen these days and we suspect he is wrking for the goverment, creating the ultimate diesel engine, and shagging various secretaries over their desks.
Raf is loaded!  He is earning so much money that he needs Liam to help him spend it.  Hes still punching his mates though and smashing up their possessions.
Bingo's been filled in.  Badly.  He knocked some birds chips in her face and her boyfriend knocked him out.
Only Ben and Pav are left in Tetney.  Maybe we'll call ourselves the Towny Boys from now on.  I know Snowy (Judas) would like that!
Spankys back, back again.....look whos back, tell a friend!  The man has been cherry picking!  Who needs the Goldfish face, not Liam!

Liam is on and off the wagon more times than Fat Pie has a chinese food. Talking of Fat Pie hes flying the nest and off to live with others, leaving Dr Snuggles and Spanky on their lonesome. Talk of Veg moving in is yet to be confirmed.

Bingos band "The Bollocks" a Sex Pistols tribute band are on the move again and are soon to be playing The Bootlegger in Cleethorpes.

Check out Raf's new website plenty of new stuff on there.
Been a bit slack with this recently.  No one probably reads it anyway!
Liams bird has dumped him.  He has given up drinking and become really boring.  Fat Pie has been pining for two weeks while his birds been on holiday but he's back now so he's happy again. (Robbos bird is still away for another week and hes pining).
BBQ season is well and truly underway.  We've had about ten already.
Theres talk of a weeks piss up abroad later on in the year.  But its not looking too likely.
Nick has bought a house and moved in with Vicky.  Robbo has moved into a flat with Rach.  Snowy has moved in with Liam.  All on the same day! Danny is still there as well but he's pissing off to live with his new mates after he's looked at the plans for their new place about 800 more times! 
TETNEY UNITED DO THE DOUBLE!!  In the second cup final we went 3-0 down after 20 minutes and Snowy got sent off.  After an awesome comeback we won 5-4 in extra time.
Tetney United win the first of their two Cup Finals 4-2 with Snowy bagging a hat-trick!
The countdown to the World Cup is on!  The games are to be viewed in the Lloyds Arms with a good turn out expected.  Snowys plans to get up and start drinking at 5:30am have not been greeted with too much enthusiasm so far.
Nick has bought a house with his girlfriend and will be moving in sometime this week.  His room at the house they were renting is to be filled by Mr Snowy (Snowsy!).  Danny is also moving in with his new friends.
Chrissy Woods got a good kicking after a night out in Cleethorpes.
Ben lost his job and then found it again.
Liams list of injuries increases as he takes a cricket ball to the mouth.  Its a rather nasty looking cut and no doubt everyone will think hes been fighting again.
We (those of us who play for Tetney United), will be playing in at least two cup finals this year. The first is on the 21st May, the second on the 29th May.  All supporters welcome.
Danny has some new friends.
Liams disasterous relationship with Alicia has taken more twists than a Russian ballerina.  Shes now pissing off to Malta for two months and the relationship which was finishing in September will now finish in July!  Despite Liams begs and pleas, she is determined to go.
Robbo is now an old man after turning 25! Snowy and Raf will soon follow.
Ben, Pav, Bens brother Danny and Chris "Magic" Maidens have formed a Sex Pistols tribute band.  And they're actually quite good.  Details of their first gig will appear here first.
Olly's had another go at Kevin the Gerbil (Lucy).  Ben's been pulling a bar-maid called Kelly who has also been home with Danny in the past.
Our Saturday football team, Tetney United, have just booked their place in a Cup Final against Skegness Town, with another semi-final in two weeks time.  Liam, Nick, Robbo, Snowy (when bothered), Olly (when not injured) and Danny (when thin), all play for them.
It's Fat Pie's birthday in a couple of days, then Robbo's in early May.  Danny wanted to go to Leeds for the night but everyone will probably end up in Cleethorpes in the usual places, Mitchells, O'Neills.
And Danny, a word of advice.  Its better to have a nice lazy stream running along all the time, than a flash flood and then a drought!  Think about it.
Not a great deals been happening really.  All been out getting monkeyed as usual.  Liams lack of spleen seems to be affecting his drinking ability.  After just five pints he can act really pissed and make a absolute knob of himself.  It has also resulted in a fight or two recently, one of which he lost quite badly.  His ability to correctly pronounce words has also been affected.
Looks like everyones going on separate holidays this year, mainly with their birds.
Nearly everyone has a bird which is amazing.  This is the most birds we've collectively been seeing at once ever I think.  The only real exception is Pav.  Thats because he can't commit to one woman and disappoint so many others.  What a guy!
Danny is romancing a young lady by the name of Gemma, I mean Gemmima (not sure how to spell that).
Even Olly is dating a bird.  Her names Claire and shes got big barns (shes a friend of Bingos lady friend Natasha).  Aparently her name is spelt Clare not Claire!  Is that right?
Veggie Pie has been dumped by his bird.  As usual, it was her mates stirring things that was the problem.
Liam is due back after his sebatical on the Isle of Wight.  He's meeting the others at Stanstead to come back with them.  Thank god for that!  I've had no-one to go for a pint with at lunch times.  His bird is still after his cash.
Pav, Olly, Nick, Snowy, Bingo and his brother Dan are due back from Prague today.  Details of this holiday will either be posted here or on our new web-site  which is going to be up and running as soon as Raf pulls his finger out!

For Nicks birthday, all ten of us are going to be handcuffed together in a line to go out on the piss. Though no ones looking foward to having to go to the toilet!

Liam and Nick are shit at FIFA 2001!!!!

Danny has started to drink coffee.

Ben keeps pulling Natashka and Olly has been "entertaining" her friend. But "Shes not the one for me Robbo".

Rumours of Liams death have been greatly exaggerated. He is now back in England but it has come out that he has some Slovenian blood in him. He's got a beasting scar and we have already been taking the piss out of him for not having a spleen.

Robbo is on the comeback trail after completing his first full training session in 18 months.


Bingo has been out on a date with Natashka the Russian Kosack Groupie. When asked how it went the reply was "Not Bad" and he might take her out again.

FIT RACH HAS PULLED ROBBO!! (I was going to put Robbo has pulled Fit Rach but she said it was the other way round so who am I to argue!) - told you I'd put it on.

Bingo has contracted Shingles and has a rather nice rash.

Liam enjoyed a three day break in Brugge with his lovely girlfriend. He claimed it was a cruise but is really a ferry ride! It must be really exciting over there though as he has found time to send text messages to everyone.

Nick and mushrooms don't mix.

Pav has wisely invested 700 of his hard earned cash on a "cracking" Cavalier SRi 1300 if that means anything to anyone.

Nick and Robbo have applied to go on Bargain Hunt on BBC1.

Robbo, Danny, Olly and Liam attempted to steal Chesney Hawkes Tour bus. (This is true! A wasted roadie foiled our plan. That and Liams inability to drive an automatic. He did manage to snap a light off the wall on the way out though.)

Liam is back with his ex-bird after trying to convince us he was after someone else. Shes the one that walks all over him and repeatedly makes him look stupid by pulling who she wants. Good move Liam! UPDATE: SHE paid for HIM to go out for a meal!

Nick and Robbo had their photo taken with a snake (this will appear as soon as we can find the picture) THIS PICTURE IS ON THE NEW STUFF PAGE

Snowy can now only be seen if you go to Cleethorpes on Friday, Saturday or Sunday night.

Veggie Pie has gone into hibernation until next years summer holiday which looks like a return to Magaluf UPDATE: Veggie appeared on his bike in Cleethorpes on a Saturday night and tried to lock a rather drunk Liam and his kebab in a pub doorway. And the holiday now looks like Tenerife.

Pav is still pulling the birds and leaving a string of broken hearts in his wake.

Bingo visited a lady of the night! He also pulled another stunner known as Donna The Fat Arse who Liam had pulled a few weeks earlier. Danny pulled her mate who is equally unatractive. UPDATE: Donna and her friend Gill now stalk us whenever we go out. Robbo pissed off Gill by staring at her which she apparently dislikes and she had a go at Snowy for it. We love pissing people off.

Olly pulled a bird Ben has been pulling for the last few weeks called Kevin the Gerbil. Ben seemed quite pleased at the news. UPDATE: Ben has pulled Kevin again. This all sounds a bit incestous really doesn't it! FURTHER UPDATE: Kevin is now stalking Ben and Olly. Ben is also being stalked by Jo Desperate.

Raf has dumped his bird (Bob the Builder) so he can pull the wonderful Fit Rach. Shes fit by the way. Very fit! UPDATE: Raf pulls a bird in a club in front of Fit Rach thinking it would work out all right. Goes to meet the bird the next day and she stands him up! Maybe she meant 12am Raf?! Needless to say, Fit Rach is still a target.
FURTHER UPDATE: Raf is now back with his ex-bird again.
FURTHER FURTHER UPDATE: Fit Rach touched Liams hand so she obviously wants to go out with him. We think so too Liam.

Liam, Nick and Danny have moved into their own house in GRIMSBY and currently have Snowy lodging there as his mum doesn't trust him in her house on his own while shes on holiday. Washing up is decided by a round of golf on the Tiger Woods game on the Playstation 2. UPDATE: Snowy is now back enjoying home comforts including eating, clean clothes and a quiet neighbourhood.

THE HOUSE-WARMING PARTY IS ON 17TH NOVEMBER AND THE ADDRESS IS 45 HIGHFIELD AVENUE, GRIMSBY. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. BRING BEER!! Update: The party was good until we ran out of beer at 2:30 am and everyone had to leave/go to bed. Then 3 birds turned up and tidied the house. CHEERS!! Ben then turned at 6:30am, had a plate of curry then went to bed. Thanks for waking me up Bingo