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Faliraki 2001
The Interesting Page


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Name: Paul Genney
Age: 24
Nicknames: Robbo, Sprobbo, Bore-o, Rob Robinson ,Tight Bastard
Occupation: Insurance Broker
Wants to be: Thinner
Likes: Eating
Dislikes: Women who order steak

Just to stop Danny moaning that I didn't put anything bad on here about myself I would like to point out the following:
- I have a front tooth missing and a false one in its place which I can take out on demand.  This was due to incident started by Bingo kicking over someones pint.
- Apparently my sideboards are too short which amuses everyone!?!
- I am boring (this isn't true though)
- I am overweight (not fat Danny, just a bit overweight!)

its great in here

making the most of a cheap drink

nice teeth

Snowy always has done a good impression of a monster

best man

Me and my mate Carl. I was best man at his wedding.  And yes, that is a Corby trouser press in the corner, and no, I didn't dismantle it.

the best kind of shop

Some people (Danny and Liam mainly) call me tight but the best kind of stuff is free stuff. If I don't have to spend any of my hard earned cash then I'm happy.


can't find macdonalds


Nick took his girlfriend everywhere