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Faliraki 2001
Snow in Faliraki?


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The man most people only know as.........

Name: Neil Garton
Age: 24
Nicknames: Snowy, the Ox, 50p head
Occupation: Builder
Wants to be: Drinking
Likes: Spine-punching
Dislikes: Slow drivers

check out the vein on Snowys forehead

Snowy gets paint in his eyes...Nick takes the piss!

the morning after getting paint in his eyes

Snowy had his own agenda on holiday. He easily became bored of sitting around the pool or drinking in a bar for too long and often disappeared on his own or with his sidekick Nick.

It would not be until later that you found out he had fallen asleep in some bins, or got luminous paint in his eyes and had to go to hospital, etc.

The main cause of Neils foolish behaviour......OUZO!!!

He also has a unique brand of dancing which can be seen in some of the photos.


can anyone help me


snowys impression of a rabbit left everyone stunned

can i help you

snowys desert storm gear provided little camouflage in the flower bed



Mr Baker helping Snowy with his neck



Snowy was once hypnotised into thinking he is a gay octopus. This is one of the occasions we reminded him.

Any similarities between Mr Neil Garton and the computer generated monster of the film by the same name, Shrek, are purely incidental.