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Faliraki 2001


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Name: Ben Ladd
Age: 22
Occupation: CAD Designer for refridgeration firm
Wants to: Go travelling to New Zealand for a year
Likes: Liam
Dislikes: People

A Very Odd Creature

Benjamin Ladd is lovely chap. He lists his hobbies as fishing, shooting, angling, wide-games, squidding, wanking and shagging his pillow. Its people like Ben that make Britain what it is today.

Also Known As:
Bingo, Bengirler, Benjamima, Frigid Vinegar, Boogaloo, Benny Big-Balls, Campino, Frigid Virgin Twat, Freak



Ben amazed everyone with his ability to not tan.

There was a rumour going round that he was using tippex instead of sun-tan lotion, but this was not proved.

Along with Chrissy Wood, he managed to come back whiter than when he went.

Bingo Quotes:
"I am a pillar of this community!"
"Good evening my dear....and who might you be?"
" a good looking guy"
" Warm, well, luke-warm, luke being the operative word"
"I was the best at wide-games!"
"Why don't you go and shag a goldfish"

Bens holiday quotes:
" What do I want to speak to people for? I came here to get pissed!"
"If you don't stop asking me how I am I'm going to smack you!"
"I didn't shag her.............Alright I did"